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Introduction to Sociology

C. McGloin

WJEC Sociology - Unit 1

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2.Refers to the cultural differences between men and women
5.The way of life of a group of people - the collection of their norms and values
8.Something that is seen as good or desirable within a group
10.A simple, crude idea about what a sort of person is like
13.This type of socialisation happens later in life, outside the family
16.The excepted or accepted behaviour in a certain situation
17.A reward or punishment to encourage social conformity
18.The process of learning a group's norms and values
19.The theory that who we are is determined by the environment we grow up in
20.How individuals see and define themselves and how others see and define them
21./ Someone who studies other groups and cultures - Margaret Mead was one of them
22.Directing children in a way that you think will be beneficial for them
1.An accepted and expected behaviour within a group
3.The theory that who we are is determined by our genes and biology
4.A figure that someone might copy when learning norms and values (4, 5)
6.Cultural ________ - the idea that there are some things that appear in all societies
7.This type of socialisation occurs in the first years of life, most often in the family
9._________ social control - a type of control that usually happens subtly within social groups (e.g. by bullying)
11.Cultural _________ - the idea that there are many types of behaviour that differ between societies
12.A young human who has not been socialised by humans (5, 5)
14.Behaviour that goes against the norms and values of a group
15.The process by which society encourages or forces you to follow its rules (6, 7)
18.Refers to the biological difference between men and women

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