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Bio Sem 1 Review

Mrs, VH

1 2 3           4     5
6                     7     8      
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    20                 21         22  
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26         27     28                    
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35                   36   37              
39                     40
42       43  
44                   45  
  46                       47        
48   49            
  50                 51   52                
54                       55            

3.sum of all chemical reactions
6.process plants use to make food using carbon dioxide
9.keeps pancreas and heart functioning and makes tissues elastic
10.orderly, natural changes and species replacement that take place in communities
11.direct physical observation of a thing or process
15.part of DNA that codes for a protein
16.this biome gets at least 200 cm of rain per year
20.plants lose water through their leaves
24.this natural process is used to convert N in the air to a usable form
28.an organism that eats other animals
29.movement of people out of a population
30.substances that are unstable and give off radiation
32.point of attachment in the middle of a chromosome
34.most abundant element in the human body
35.difference between birth rate and death rate
37.part of all amino acids
38.branch of biology that studies the classification of living things
39.organism thatfeeds on dead matter but used the nutrients for itself
41.a way of knowing about our natural world
44.coastal body of water partially surrounded by land where freshwater meets salt water
46.the only cycle that does not use the atmosphere
47.detoxifies the body and fights arthritis and aging
50.populations of different species that occupy the same area and interact
52.most of the biomass on the marine biomes
53.organism that must eat other organisms to obtain energy and nutrients
54.ability of an organism to withstand fluctuation in biotic and abiotic environmental factors
55.protons and neutrons are found here
1.grassland in Russia
2.deeper zone in marine biomes in which sunlight can't reach
4.factor that determine whether or not an organism can live in an area
5.breaking down and building up of molecues in teh body
6.an increase in size of a population over time
7.mass of underground mat of roots in a grassland
8.role and position a species has in its environment
10.systematic way of solving problems
12.repeating sequence of cell growth and division
13.advantage for a species to occupy a different niche from other species is to reduce ____
14.population growth depends mainly on this type of pattern
17.movement of people into a populatin
19.consumer of producers
21.biome that has temperature always below freezing
22.maintains blood volume, pH level, and blood pressure
23.traits are carried on this
25.air is 78% this gas
27.building blocks of nucleic acids
31.branch of biology that studies the interaction of living things
33.biome that is also called the northern coniferous forest
36.study of human population growth characteristics
40.fitlers wastes from kidneys
41.grassland in Africa
43.part of Earth that supports life
45.enzymes, hormones, and antibodies are these
47.group of genetically similar organisms that can produce fertile offspring
48.ecological or environmental area where a species lives
49.common plants found in areas of early primary succession
50.highly organize, tiny structures that all living things are made of

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