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Miss D T Kemp

AQA A A2 Psychology, Bailey pp228-266

1 2 3                   4
    6 7 8   9
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    17                     18    
  19                     20          
22         23 24   25 26                      
27                   28 29    
30       31                
32           33          
  34   35                    
36       37        
  38                 39     40          
        41           42      
43             44     45      
          46 47
      48     49     50  

3.Who we are, man, in the evolutionary tree of primates
5.Reason that may account for increasing IQ scores. More tests please!
10.Twins studies are based n this method of data analysis. Why? Cause. Or not.
11.If you forget the link, it will die out... but might pop up again later spontaneously
12.They never forget a reflection!
14.Statistical method for determining the number of types of intelligence
15.A factor brain size relates to, because we need to create alliances and mind read others
17.Seligman's biological readiness to learn things of evolutionary significance
19.strict behaviourists think we are entirely shaped by learning - this is called environmental ...
20.Name of a programme in schools that has used information processing findings
22.Potatoes Kawai's macaques washed after observing & imitating others
25.Byrne's baby baboon may have shown this intelligence by screaming to get a treat
27.Another name for dizygotic twins
31.Wat the Q stands for in IQ
32.Type of intelligence where you apply reasoning to new situations
35.Reinforcement that increases a response by removing something aversive
38.An information processing theory created by Sternberg
39.Gave us the idea of intelligence comprising the single factor 'g'
41.The continent early human life originated on, and from which we migrated around the globe
42.Components showing higher order thinking, to complement performance and knowledge acquisition
43.Argues there are multiple intelligences, and nurture is important
44.Chipeur et al say intelligence is this percent inherited
48.The frequency polygon of IQ scores is a bell shaped distribution
51.Early IQ scores were interpreted by reference to these, for age
1.A domain where you can shift between equally skilled types of intelligence
2.Makes a dog drool, especially if you use it just before the meat comes out
4.One of the key ethical Issues surrounding intelligence
6.If you understand your feelings well you have this type of intelligence
7.Fixed, very fast rate of response in this schedule of reinforcement
8.A very short reflex response, Mr Pavlov!
9.Kohler's chimps went 'Aha!' when they solved the banana problem
13.The progressively harder, culture fair intelligence matrices test
16.The Kpelle people think a smart person will pair a knife with this, not other cutlery
18.Creature Mineka's lab monkeys had to socially learn to be scared of
21.Models that see intelligence as a single, underlying (genetic) quality
23.Enrichment programme that showed short term gains in IQ in disadvantaged children
24.Type of quality assurance in science, a review that means work is critically assessed by experts
26.Intelligence is not as simple as this model of nature plus nurture once suggested
28.Famous gorilla who could recognise her reflection, use sign language & loved kittens (a bit too much)
29.EQ score for humans within the mammal class (even if we can't strictly dance)
30.Study type that helps to understand the nature-nurture origins of intelligence
33.Thorndike's, and Miss Kemp's favourite animals. Fact.
34.Reinforcers that satisfy basic needs
36.Thurstone said there were 7 of these mental abilities
37.Learning a behaviour sequence thro' successive approximations
40.substance that may harm the foetus, and impact on its later intelligence
45.Chimpanzee deception & knowledge attribution tasks were designed to test this
46.Asked us if we are getting smarter - but, can we change so fast?
47.Animal subjects that showed taste preference for cocoa - yum!
49.Food type linked to our growth of brain size
50.Discredited psychologist who wanted to show intelligence is innate

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