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Revolution of Texas of Crossword

karen beck

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1.the battle of ______________ was the battle that led to texas independence
6.a flag saying this was hung above a small cannon
7.the battle of the alamo made texans fight ______
12.the phrase texans shouted in battle
15.number of Texans that survived the battle of the alamo
17.the goliad ___________
18.houston ordered this town burned
19.the leader of the mexican army
1.number of mexican soldiers killed in the battle of San jacinto
2.they outnumbered the tejanos 10:1
3.he had command of the alamo along with William B. TRavis
4.this general fought fannin
5.the month of texas independence is in
8.the symbol of independence
9.the texas constitution legalized this
10.the opposite of the pro-war group
11.this rebellion happened near nacogdoches in 1826
13.where santa anna was hiding when he was captured
14.stephen f. austin was arrested for his __________
16.father of texas

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