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First Semester Science Vocabulary

Mrs. T

Science vocabulary review.

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2.Two or more things put together
4.A material that allows heat energy or electricity to pass through it easily
6.A wheel with a rope or chain wrapped around it
7.The energy of motion
8.The bouncing back of light rays from a smooth, shiny surface
11.The push or pull on an object
12.Energy that produces electricity from moving water
13.The force that resists motion when two surfaces rub against each other
17.A fuel that comes from plants and animals
19.Are materials that do not allow heat energy or electricity to pass through it easily
20.A form of energy that travels in waves and can move through empty spaces
21.A conclusion that is drawn based on prior knowledge
22.Th point at which a solid changes to a liquid
1.Resources that can be replaced by nature as they are used
2.Anything that has mass and takes up space
3.A nonrenewable resource that forms from the remains of ancient plants and animals
5.Using your senses to describe something
8.The bending of light rays as they move from one material to another
9.Resources that cannot be replaced in our lifetime
10.Energy that comes from heat from melted rock below Earth's surface
14.A bar that pivots or turns on a fixed point
15.The point at which a lied changes to a gas
16.A special type of mixture where a substance is dissolved into a liquid
18.A spiral wrapped around a center post

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