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The Apostles


1 2
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4.Matthew lived in ________________.
9.True or False: Bartholomew was straightforward and honest.
10.Philip came from _________________.
13.Peter's brother was named __________________?
14.Jude's ast day is __________________________. (3 Words)
15.He was best remembered as _____________ Thomas.
17.Another nickname for John is the ______________? (2 Words)
21.What does Andrew's name mean? (3 Words)
22.Judas ____________ himself in a field that he boht with his money.
24.Simon was killed by a ______.
1.Matthew was also called ________.
2.Bartholomew was tortured by a ___________.
3.James the Greater was beheaded by whom? (2 Words)
4.He died from ____________________.
5.James the Less was called this because he was either ___________________________ than James the Greater (3 Words)
6.Jude was the brother of ___________________. (3 Words)
7.What is Andrew's feast day? (2 Words)
8.He was from ________.
9.He betrayed Jesus for ___________ pieces of silver.
11.Philip's fest day is ________________? (2 Words)
12.How many apostles have the name of James?
16.True or Fales: John was the only apsotle beneath Jesus' cross.
18.What does Peter mean in Greek?
19.True or False: Thomas didn't believe Jesus had truly risen until he touched his wounds.
20.Matthias was selected to take the place of __________.
23.Simon was killed by an ____.

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