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Niagra Falls (Ready to Read Series Level 1)

Mr Daryl

After reading the book Wonders of America - Niagara Falls by Marion Bauer, do this crossword.

1 2   3
    4 5
6             7     8
11   12            

1.What three letter word began the story of Niagra Falls?
6.A man named Blondin walked a tightrope over the falls with his __________ on his back.
9.The other part of the falls is in the U________________- S_______________.
10.What do they call the people who go over the falls in a barrel? d__________.
12.What is ice made from old snow, packed down for many years?
13.This book is about _____________ Falls. This word also means" thunder of the waters".
2.Horseshoe Falls is in C________________.
3.Niagra Falls was North America's first __________-_____________.
4.As the glaciers moved across the land, what did they scoop out?
5.Which lakes did the glaciers leave behind after they melted?
7.Some people have _________ going over the falls in a barrel.
8.Now there are ______________ against stunts like going over Niagra Falls in a barrel.
11.Some people are daredevels, and go over the falls in a ___________.
12.Every second 400,000 ________________ of water go over the falls.

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