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Are our Maps Lying to Us

Mr Daryl

After reading the article "Are Our Maps Lying to Us?" do the crossword.

1 2         3 4
7             8        
  11 12              

1.Many people think that top is better than ______________.
5.What part of the world does the word orientation come from?
6.Mac-Arthur made his map because he was tired of being told he was from ___________-______________.
7.What word means things that are not accurate or not true.
10.The Winkel Tripel map tries to ____________ all three map distortions at the same time.
12.At the end of the clip Ms Craig tells the map makers they can't put the south at the top, because it is "_____________" her out.
14.What adjective means a made up story?
15.The oldest and most widely used map, still in use, which has many distortions is the ______________ projection map.
2.This word means knowing where you are, which way you are facing or where you tend to go.
3.What TV show is the clip taken from? ______-_________-__________
4.The earth is round, so the problem is trying to make an accurate _________ map out of it.
8.The MacArthur's Universal Corrective Map put what country at the top?
9.Many people think that ______________ is better than small.
11.The earth is not flat, it is a ______________.
13.This is one person's values, perspective and what they think is important and that other's arent.

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