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PSYA1: Attachments

Mr Blakeley

A crossword covering the Attachments topic up until Cultural Variation (AQA A Psychology)

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26               27

3.A type of community found in Israel, where babies are raised by several different mother figures
5.Researcher who was famed for his evolutionary explanations of childhood attachments, heavily influenced by Darwin and the ethologists
7.Cultures which emphasise the importance of working for yourself and becoming as successful as you can be. Particularly seen in the West
9.The term given to any attachment which does not conform to the 'ideal'
11.Ivan _________, who carried out research on dogs to prove the power of learning through association
12.Worked with Kroonenberg on a global meta-analysis of Strange Situation studies (2 Words)
13.Approximately how many infants were studied in the inter-cultural Strange Situation meta-analysis
14.A type of culture which favours acting on behalf of the group rather than for oneself. Examples are most commonly found in non-Western countries
16.The behaviour observed when the mother re-enters the room in the Strange Situation experiment
19.A healthy attachment type, which involves anxiety but where the baby is easily soothed
20.Learning through association. _____________ Conditioning
22.Species of animal used by Harry Harlow to demonstrate comfort-based attachments
23.Those characteristics which make adults want to care for children (2 Words)
25.Country with a high level of insecure-resistant attachments, due to the emphasis on dependence rather than independence
26.Willingness to _________
28.Researcher who devised the Strange Situation experiment
29.Attachment type: infants have no need to seek out their caregiver when reunited
1.The idea that we have one primary attachment above all others
2.When a characteristic aids survival, it can be said to be this
4.Where your first attachment shapes all of your future relationships (3 Words)
6.Learning through punishment and reward. ___________ Conditioning
8.The important window in which an infant has to make an attachment; otherwise they may struggle in the future (2 Words)
9.The process whereby an infant becomes attached to a caregiver purely because they were the first thing the baby had seen
10.____________ Response. The reaction, after conditioning, to that which was previously neutral
15.A change in the environment which invokes a response
17.An anxiety caused by the introduction of an unknown person into the Strange Situation experiment
18.'________ love'. An insulting term meant to criticise the Learning Theory view that attachments are formed because of food
21.Having two conflicting emotions at the same time
24.An anxiety caused by the mother leaving the room in the Strange Situation experiment
26.'Imposed ____'. The original Strange Situation had this because it was culturally biased in how attachments should be
27.BF ________, who carried out research on rats to show they could learn behaviours through reward and punishment

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