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PSYA1: Research Methods

Mr Blakeley

A crossword covering the basics of AS Psychology Research Methods (AQA A)

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1.Sampling method where your participants are in the right place at the right time
4.The participants used in your study
8.Participants must know what the experiment will entail. What sort of consent is this?
9.How true your study is - are you actually measuring what you say you are?
10.A controlled study which takes place in a natural environment
12.When you mislead your participants about the experiment in some way
14.Sampling method where every person in your target population has an equal chance of being selected
15.The variable you change
16.Matched _ _ _ _ _ Design. Participants who are similar on specific criteria are put in different groups
20.Participants should know at all times that they are allowed to leave the study (3 Words)
21.Data which can only be expressed through words and meaning
24.A study with an IV which already existed before you began
26.Based on opinion and interpretation - not very replicable
28.When using repeated measures, you should do this to cancel out any order effects
30.Your prediction for the experiment, based on previous research
31.The committee which decide on the ethical guidelines
32.If you mislead your participants, you must include this at the end
33.What you find from your study - the outcomes
34.Not based on opinion - this is cold, hard fact
35.When taking part in one condition makes it harder for the participants to perform to their best in the next condition
2.How you carry out your study
3.Something which can be minimised by using a larger sample or a repeated measures design (2 Words)
5.When taking part in one condition helps participants to perform better in the next
6.The overall objective of your experiment
7.The moral considerations for an experiment
11.The variable you measure
13.How you interpret your data - what did you find?
17.Measuring the relationship between two variables
18.Where participants offer themselves up to be in your study - usually as a result of advertising
19.Independent _ _ _ _ _ _ Design. Participants take part in only one condition each
22.Data which can be expressed numerically
23.Any variable which affects your results other than the IV
25.How replicable the study is - if you did it again, would you find the same results?
27.A controlled study which takes place in an artificial environment
29.Repeated _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Design. Each participant takes part in every condition

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