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OCR AS Health & Social Care - Promoting Quality Care (pt1)

Miss D T Kemp

Legislation and Socialisation sections. Use Fisher et al and Moonie to find the answers.

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1.In short, some children in education settings will need additional help
2.Abbreviation of a place you can go to for help and support
7.The first source of socialisation - within the family
8.Means a simplified attitude; term comes from old printing 'stamps'
9.Someone with a physical impairment may lack manual ...
14.Newspapers often show this, and it can colour our attitudes towards others in society
16.Socialisation sources that include work, education and the mass media
17.Employers may need to do this to equipment and buildings to permit equality for the disabled
22.A person you look up to and who you might copy
23.Peers are people who share the same ... in society
24.Type of discrimination against senior citizens, and even the young
26.Vulnerable children are placed on this
30.The burden of ... lies with perpetrators of discrimination, not victims
32.Asking for only full time workers or clean shaven people would be an e.g. of this type of discimination
35.The most important principle from the Children Act
36.An employment hearing system where redress can be sought
37.This may lead to a child being fostered or 'looked after' by the authorities
1.Our opinion of ourselves, and our value
2.Victoria, whose death led to Every Child Matters
3.Social group that may be disadvantaged in e.g. education
4.Lack of equality in this between men & women should be illegal for a similar job
5.The divisions or layers of groups in a society
6.Collective term for things like newspapers, books, radio, adverts & the Internet
10.Giving choice and some control to a service user so they feel valued
11.The first part of the Opportunities Commission
12.A key part of our identity that is socialised into us by parents and society
13.Some people will not seek redress because they fear this
15.Within a group, formal or informal rules emerge which are known as ...
18.Many people 'internalise' their attitudes & values from this
19.Abbreviation of a piece of legislation
20.When we act on a prejudice we show this
21.A society with a blend of people from different traditions, and open society
25.In short, a body that deals with issues of race, ethnicity and origin
26.Having a stereotyped, usually uninformed, prior view on a person or group
27.'Gentle' and 'compassionate' are qualities of this gender stereotype
28.Refers to classifying people based on skin colour
29.Laws ensure that these things are protected and promoted
31.Type of abuse that affects 20% of the elderly
33.One of the 'settings' that equality legislation applies to
34.A way blind people can read

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