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1 2 3
5 6                                      
  7     8              
10                       11        
12                 13  
17   18   19            

4.severing of the parent-child relationship
5.Lacking the ability to understand the consequences of his or her contractual acts (2 Words)
7.a written offer for goods that states the period of time during which the offer will stay open (2 Words)
9.Any change in the terms of the offer
10.Clause or wording that allows party to escape from legal obligation (2 Words)
12.Overcoming a person’s free will by use of force or by threat of force or bodily harm
15.Exchange of benefits and detriments by the parties to an agreements
16.Proposal by one party to another with intent to create a legal binding agreement
18.Offeror dies
20.Contract statement that may be written or oral
21.Not doing something that you have the right to do
22.Legal ability to enter into a contract
23.Offeror is declared insane
24.Makes the offer
25.Something that a party was not previously entitled to receive
1.A valid offer has been made by the offeror, and a valid acceptance has been exercised by the offeree (2 Words)
2.Contains two promises
3.Party to a contract deliberately makes an untrue statement of fact (2 Words)
6.Threats to a person’s business or income (2 Words)
8.Terms of the acceptance must match exactly (mirror) the terms of the offer (3 Words)
11.Contract that comes about from the actions of the parties
13.Offer made to this person
14.Any loss suffered; anything given up
17.Illegal Contracts
19.Unqualified willingness by the offeree to go along with the offer

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