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2.Acute DVT may cause life-threatening —sudden blockage of an artery in the lung.
8.Partial recanalization and well-developed ----- circulation develop in chronic vein thrombosis
10.When performing segmental pressure test, a pressure drop of greater than 20 mm Hg between adjacent pressure cuffs suggests Arterial obstruction ---- to the level of the lower pressure cuff
11.When evaluating for acute deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the lower extremity, reversal of flow of the Doppler signal lasting longer than 0.5 second when the sample volume is placed within the vein indicates:
12.It is a popliteal cyst,It is a collection of synovial fluid in the upper calf,Sonographically, it appears well defined, anechoic, but may contain internal echoes,It can be mistaken for a popliteal aneurysm, however, it demonstrates no color flow
13.--- usually bring venous blood from the gastrocnemius muscle to the popliteal vein
16.Incompetent superficial venous valves,perforating and deep veins would ------ the refilling time of the calf veins
17.Taking systolic blood pressure at multiple levels of the lower extremity to regionalize an arterial obstructive disease
21.The major superficial veins in the lower extremity are---and lesser saphenous vein.
24.Valsalva maneuver will _____ venous flow/return from the lower extremity
27.Anterior tibial, posterior tibial, and peroneal veins drain into:
28.Venous Doppler flow patterns in the lower extremity are normally dominated by the pressure changes that occur with respiration. What would you expect to happen to the venous Doppler signal in the common femoral vein during expiration?
29.---- ----of the lower extremity is associated with A vein that is distended and larger than normal,Proximal to the thrombosed segment, augmentation is diminished or absent,Distal to the thrombosed segment, nonphasic or continuous signal is seen
30.With calf muscle contractiona,Venous blood is squeezed out of the deep calf veins toward the heart, Valves proximal to the contracting muscles open,Valves distal to the contracting muscles close ,Valves in perforating veins ---,Venous pressure in the foot and leg is reduced
1.------is of Compression of the brachial plexus and subclavian artery when the arm is in certain positions,Hand and arm become cold, painful, or numb,Obstruction to subclavian artery can lead to intimal damage and thrombus formation ,Can be diagnosed using the Adson maneuver and nonimaging physiologic tests or duplex scanning
3.venous insufficiency in the lower extremity are associated with Incompetent venous valves,Venous reflux,hypertension,and poor venous return.
4.Shortness of breath,chest pain,seizures respiratory arrest are sings and ---- of pulmonary embolism.
5.---and serial ankle systolic pressure measurements-is usually performed to differentiate signs and symptoms caused by lower extremity arterial occlusive disease from lower extremity nonvascular disease
6.The continuation of the axillary artery is----
7.The Profunda femoris vein and superficial femoral vein unite to form the ---.
9.duplex scanning of the lower extremity venous system, are associated with Patient is usually in the reverse Trendelenburg position to help distend the veins ,The examination usually starts in the groin with the common femoral vein and ends in the calf with the posterior tibial and peroneal veins,The superficial venous system is also examined for thrombosis and valvular incompetency,Venous compressibility should be done in transverse view, vein usually collapse with ---
14.lower extremity venous insufficiency is associated with Thrombosis of vein,venous reflux,venous hypertension,poor venous return,ankle swelling discoloration of skin ulcers and---
15.The left and right brachiocephalic veins join to form
18.-----thrombosis causes leg swelling and small contracted superficial femoral vein that is brightly echogenic, heterogeneous, and noncompressible
19.Diabetic patients are more likely to have--- ABI,Medial calcified and noncompressible tibial arteries,Toe-brachial index (TBI) being more reliable
20.33. The ankle hydrostatic pressure during standing at rest will be _____ than the ankle hydrostatic pressure during walking.
22.When venous flow changes cyclically in response to the phases of respiration describes:
23.a normal lower extremity venous quality Spontaneity,phasicity,augmentation,---
25.Collapsing of venous walls with slight transducer pressure
26.Using PPG, venous refilling time is the time it takes to refill the deep calf veins after emptying. ----- venous refilling time is Less than 20 seconds

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