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Canterbury Tales

Samantha, Katy, Jalil, Ryan, and Maddy

Canterbury Tales Story Elements puzzle for Jesse Ross Honors English 4

When solving this puzzle you will analyze the story of Canterbury Tales. Use the quotes from the story below to find the story elements.

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7.A most distinguished man, who had followed chivalry he is honored for his noble graces.
9.Three cloters, an inkeeper, a servant, and the pardoner all had spoke in the Tavern.
11.The knight went on a quest of sorts, to find the one thing that all women want and came to the queen with an answer.
14.The 12 months and day journey the knights too to find what women truly desire.
15.The knight presents the queen with his answer of what women truly desire. "He must not be above her"The queen approves of this answer, and the Knight saves his life.
16.The youngest of the three men runs into town to get bread and wine, he thinks of a plan tp poison the other two when he returns. While this is happening the other two men devise their own plan to kill the youngest and split the gold between them.
1.In the beginning of The Wife Bath's Tale, Chaucer spoke about fairies. In the end, the old lady ended up being magical.
2.The knight had to find out what women want most in a year.
3.The men found their friend dead from drinking to much. They went on a journey to kill death, they found gold and began to bring it back to the town. The young one went and got poison to kill the others and on the way back they were killed by the other men. They taste their "drinks"and died.
4.No morsal from her lips did she let fall, nor dipped her fingers in the sauce too deep.
5.When the knight came apon the ladies dancing, then they all vanished and the lady offered him her advise. (Pardnors Tale): When the men were having a drink in the tavern and they came across their friend that had dranken too mich and died. At the end of the story, the oldest end up killing the youngest boy and then drank the poison and died.
6.The old women told the knight not to fear and be happy as they go to bed.
8.The knight spoke to the queen about every little thing that all of the women said they wanted from a man.
10.A friend of the Rioters died from drinking too much and the boy.
12.The knight, pardoner, death, and Nun
13.One of the women that the knight spoke to, an old wife, rose and spoke on behalf of the knight, metioning a promise he made.

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