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Amazing Word Search

John Griffin

1           2 3 4       5  
  6             7  
9       10           11 12        
      14     15          
  16                 17              
    18             19  
  22               23 24
25                   26              
    28   29       30        
      32   33    
34           35         36                  
    37       38     39       40            
    41               42   43
46                         47    
  49 50                            
          51         52      
  54                     55                

1.Bluunt, Abrupt
4.Blemish, Flaw
6.Slander, False Statement
8.Coax, Persuade
9.Setting, Surrounding Atmosphere
11.Sedate, Modest
13.Condemn, Criticism
15.Merry, Carefree
16.Skilled, Handy
17.Gentle, Kind
18.Boastful, False Bravery
20.Abridge, To Shorten
21.Deliberate Deception, Guile
22.Annoyance, Irritation
25.Plump, Bulky
26.Passive, Inactive
29.Abnormal, Deviation from the norm
31.Bewilder, Puzzle
34.Effective, Capable of Producing
36.Harmony, Uniformity
37.Clarify, Fluent
40.Degenerate, Failure to Devolop Normally
41.Obediant, Easy to Manage
44.Erosion, Gradual Weakening
46.Total Amount, Assemblage
48.Suspicious, Negative
50.Incongruity, Object in the wrong time period
51.Estrange, To Cause Hostility
54.Expert, Specialist
55.Erratic, Constantly Changing Without Purpose
2.MAlnourished, Shriveled
3.Bolster, Reinforce
5.Pressure, Force
7.To Yield, Concur
9.Hopeless, Miserable
10.Natural, Native
12.Mystery, Puzzling
14.Guideline, Standard of Judgement
15.Wither, Destroy
18.Ban, Protest
19.Hasty, Hurried
23.Enclosure, Region
24.Squabble, Petty Quarreling
25.Winding, Indirect
27.To Seize, To Arrest
28.Zealous, Deeply Religous
30.Official Pardon, Forgiveness
32.Pompous, Extravagent
33.Guilty, At Fault
35.Covert, Concealed
38.Cooperate, To Work Together
39.Artistic, Beauty
42.Supreme, Complete
43.Excessive Desire, Greed
45.Rash, Overly Bold
46.Outrage, A Monstrosity
47.Abundent, Large in Quantity
49.Loathe, Horror
52.Redeem, Repent
53.Dreadful, Woeful

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