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Canterbury Tales

Jasmine Mojica, Gabby, Hepsy, Jheanel

Use the example story elements from The Canterbury Tales as clues to find the literary devices.

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2.The Knight is a ______ from The Wife of Bath’s Tale.
3.Their greed for money will be the death of them, but how?
4."But gentleness, as you will recognize, Is not annexed in nature to possessions, Men fail in living up to their professions."
5."When in April the sweet showers fall and pierce the drought of March to the root, and all the veins are bathed in liquor of such power..."
8.The search for death turns to a way to take the gold. One of the men looks for poison in town while the other two plot his death.
9."Ahead of him, alone, as she was born."
10."A woman wants the self-same sovereignty over her husband... he must not be above her."
11."Is that,"said she," the cause of your unrest?". "Yes, certainly," he said "and can you wonder?"
12.First the Knight committed adultery. Next he was given a trial by the queen. Then in search for what women desire he met an old woman who gave him the answer. Finally he was true to his word to the old woman and she relieved her true self.
13.He saw a dance upon the leafy floor
14."You're old, and so abominably plain, so poor to start with, so low bred to follow.."
1.This is an ex. of what type of scene: "He saw a dance upon the leafy floor of four and twenty ladies, nay, and more.Eagerly he approached, in hope to learn some words of wisdom...Before he came to where they were, dancers and dance all vanished into air
2.In the beginning the wife was old and he resented her, although in the end, "Lo she was young and lovely, rich in charms."
6.The knights life was spared and he was taught a valuable lesson
7.The Knight had to find the answer of what woman most desire before his sentence, is an example of a _____.
10."What could it be that women wanted most?"

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