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Females' Fantasy

Joseph Reed


2   3              
4     5    
6               7          
  8 9 10       11  
12             13        

2.sport played in the fall
4.a substance used for washing hands
6.royal member (female)
7.color consisting of the components of red and blue
10.to utter words or sounds in sucession
12.a plant that is usually found in greenhouses
13.used for untangling hair
14.external covering for the human foot
15.part of a gown
1.used to color fingernails (2 Words)
3.crayon-like cosmetic used for applying color to lips
5.pale, reddish color
6.a liquid substance with an attractive smell
8.a liquid cosmetic; used for smoothing skin
9.sport played in a rectangular court with a racket
11.outer garment for women

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