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Canterbury Tales

Christian Athian

These are examples of elements in the poem of Caterbury Tales. As you read the poem try to identify the key elements to answer this puzzle for Mr. Ross' English 4 class.

1 2
4     5              
      6   7
10 11                  

5.He was to unwordly to make search for secular employment.
9."There wasn't a living creature to be seen save one old woman crouched upon the green. A lower looking creacture I suppose could scarcely be imagined." (2 Words)
10.3 kids found golden florins and didn't know what to do with it. They needeed to figure out what to do with it without being suspected of stealing it.
13.Find gold, flightd over it, kills each other (2 Words)
14.to want gold
15.to find out death, turn up this crooked way to words that grave< I left him there today uncle a tree, and there you'll find him waiting (2 Words)
16.The Rioter said, "Is he so fierce to meet?"
1.Death is a what?
2.He said a woman wnats the self-same soverignty- rule power (3 Words)
3.Once the three young rioters began to run, and reached the tree, and there they found a pile of golden florins on the ground. (2 Words)
4.What is death?
6.Move a fustian tuinc stained and dark with smuges. (2 Words)
7.N/A (3 Words)
8.He took a bottle full of poison up and drank and his companion, nothing loth drank from it also, and they perished both. (2 Words)
11.To findly meet Death they drank the poison
12.Death will come to you when you least expected....is a

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