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The roaring 20's

1920's crossword

1 2     3
4   5                          
6 7                 8                
  10     11                          
    12   13   14           15 16
18                           19      
21 22                  
23                   24              
      25 26            
  30 31                          
      33         34       35   36    

2.prohibited alcolhol
4.legal term for a contract or hire purchase
7.created ford production line
8.nickname for women with new styles
9.right to vote
10.the initials of a 1920's racial group
11.Movement of blacks from south to north
12.teacher in Daytona, tenessee
18.state of Tennessee VS. John Scopes
20.30th United States president
23.Responsible for Valentine's day Masacure
24.repealed 18th amendment
27.1928 international agreement to ban war
28.jazz piano player
31.staying out of world affairs
32.a style of music
33.slang for country folk
35.Jamaican Political leader
37.National prohibition act
38.slang for comunist people
39.illegal transporter of alcolhol
40.Author "The Sun Also Rises"
1.flourishing the arts and literature or the african community
3.US President
5.illegal establishments selling alcolhol
6.lone eagle and American aviator
13.African-American poet
14.Italian born anarchist covicted of killing two men
15.Woman Pilot
16.religious movement in the late 19th and 20th century
17.Empress of the blues
19.Jazz trumpeter
21.sociopolitical policy in 19th century
22.famous baseball player
25.owner of General Motors
26.banning of all alcolhol
29.harding administration scandal sold public owned oil suplies
30.South-western style artist
34.radical Labor movement in the US to overthrow capitolism
36.popular form of media

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