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Chaucer's Tales

Allison Kiss and Joshua Bohn

1 2 3
8                                         9
11                               12  

4."well", said his friend, "you see that we are two, and two are twice as powerful as one
7.Courtly Love
8.white as a daisy pedal was his beard
11.Take fire carry it to the darkest house
13.he was as good as dead. he married the old lady
14.what is the thing that women most desire, beware they are and say as i require.
15.if there be one among you that is willing, to have my absolution for a shilling
1.the old lady lives, at the knight declares women's desires
2.lived ever after to the end in perfect bliss.
3.to have me old and ugly till I die
4." put right" "he cried that never can be now nothing can be put right again. you're old and so abonnable plain
5.for the knight, everything comes back
6.the knight
9."but gentleness, as you will recognize."
10.the art of violence made such a stir
12." O Queen, I've kept my day and kept my word and have my answers ready".

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