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Akibo Watson

An intriguing puzzle reviewing the happenings of the famous play, Othello, by William Shakespeare

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1.The kniving antagonist of Othello
4.Desdemona fell in love with Othello while listening to his ______
7.Othello commands a battle against the ______
9.Brabintio and Othello visit a public _____ to resolve the marrige
11.After discovery of his transgressions, Iago is ______ by Othello's men
12.Iago brings about the fall of Othello through ______
15.Desdemona is depicted as a ______ woman
18.Most of the play Othello takes place here
19.Iago's story of Desdemona told to Othello is ______
22.This faithful servant chose to lay next to her lady, even in death
23.Iago kills ______, and covers it up as murder
24.Shakespeare is viewed by many as a ______ writer
25."This is the night, that either makes me, or fordoes me ______"
26.Iago often speaks his mind aloud, in a form of speech called a ______
27.Desdemona is killed in her ______
2.Divisions of a play
3.The rage of Othello comes from his ______ feelings for Desdemona
5.The heritage of Othello is that of a ______
6.Iago spreads false rumors of Cassio's ______ problem
8.Division of Acts
9.The Moor of Othello
10.Although his actions are not becoming, Iago is ______ by others in the play
13.William Shakespeare is a well known poet and ______
14.All Shakespeare Tragedies end in this
16.Desdemona is accused of "this" in the Othello play
17.Father of Desdemona
20.The play begins at this time of day
21.The ending to Othello can be considered this

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