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jamestown, french and indian war, 13 colonies

Mr. Villa

extra credit

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1.the way England raised money to pay its war debt
4.the economy of the New England colonies
6.tax on tea and gave the Bristish India Company exclusive right to sell tea in the colonies
7.a great mix of people/cultures
9.lost the French ant Indian War
13.second permanent colony built by the piligrims
15.1st colony in the New World
16."No taxation without representation"
22.this crop give rise to SLAVERY in order to plant and harvest it
23.tax on legal documents
24.closed the port of Boston, no town meetings, and created the Quartering Act
25.tax on sugar and molasses
28.this territory was fought for in the French and Indian War
32.a government where representatives are elected to represent the people
34.year Jamestown built
35.introduced tobacco in Jamestown
36.the 1st form of self government, A government formed far away from its place of origin
38.money that you owe
39.known as the middle colonies for its great amount of wheat, rye, and barley
40.Jamestown was built as a _______________________
41."Give me liberty or give me death"
42.British soldiers
43.the law making body of Great Britain..they past all acts/laws that taxed the colonies
2.a law passed by Parliament
3.the great demand for this type of labor to work the fields, farming
5.killing defenseless colonists,, 5 were killed including Crispus Attucks, 1st African American to die in the American Revolution
8.tax glass, paint, paper, tea, and lead
10.leader of Jamestown
11.any valuable source found on the land,,,furs, timber, a river, coal
12.colonist dump tea into the Boston Harbor
14.the law of the land...supreme law
17.made the Mississippi River the new boundary after the French and Indian War
18.the eastern boundary of the new 13 colonies which became the United States
19.mountain range along the 13 colonies,,formed a barrier
20.crop introduced to Jamestown; cash crop
21.the economy of the Middle colonies
26.the economy of the Southern colonies
27.colonists could not could west of the Appalachian Mountains
29.Colonist had to house/shelter British soldiers
30.dictator of Great Britain during the American Revolution
31.ship where the Mayflower Compact was signed
33.won the French and Indian War
34.year that Plymouth was built by the piligrims
37.refusal to buy a product

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