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Cultural Christmas Traditions

Stacey Belcher

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4.In Sweden, St. Lucia's Day celbration comes from stories told by _______
7.Vietnamese people celebrate by throwing ________ and taking pictures
9.The Christmas Eve buffet enjoyed in Sweden is also known as a __________
10._____________ night is when children believe an old lady called Befana brings presents for them
12._________ is associated with Cherokee Christmas celebration because they had to hunt for Christmas dinner in the days before refrigeration
13.______________ is Christmas caroling Puerto Rico style
17.City in Italy that has a street of nativity makers called the Via San Gregorio Armeno
18.In El Salvador, children celebrate Christmas with _________ while they wait for Santa Claus to arrive with toys
19.Austrian Christmas tradition has it that the cherubic figure___________ decorates the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and brings the children their Christmas presents as a reward for good behavior
21.In Iceland, presents may be brought by Jolasveinar; also known as ____ ___
22.Zimbabweans drape this around the whoe top of the main room of their house
25.______ __________ is often eaten on Christmas day in Japan
26.The largest ever _____ ornament was made in Mexico
28.Ris a la mande, a special kind of _____ __________ made of milk, rice, vanilla, almonds, and whipped cream
34.A very old Irish tradition is the Wren Boys Procession which takes place on ____________
36.___________ is a Dutch Christmas Ring Cake
38.Instead of a traditional Christmas trees, in India they would decorate a banan or ________ tree
39.Russian traditional Christmas cookie
42.Most the worlds Christmas _____ are made in China, but the people making them probably don't have one
43.In Italian, ___ ______ is Merry Christmas
46.Distayohi is Cherokee for _______ ________ who brings gifts to all the good children, which translates to "he shoots firecrackers"
47.In _______ families paint their houses and hang new curtains for Christmas
48.Old Italian custom where children go out ______ singing and playing songs on shephers pipes
49.In ________, Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7th instead of December 25th
50.A paper decoration with a light inside that floats in the sky in Argentina
1.Americans string this to decorate their Christmas tree
2.The Christmas celebration in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
3.The Three Kings, also known as ____ leave presents for children in Mexico
5.Jamaican red wine and rum ____________ is traditional and eaten in most homes
6.In Mexico, children perform the ________ processions from December 16th to to Christmas Even
7.In Holland and The Netherlands, children leave their _____ out on December 5th to be filled with presents
8.On Christmas Eve in Greece, children go out singing carols in the streets, playing drums and ________
11.In Zambia, it is customary for children to bring one to church for children that are in a hospital or are less fortunate
13.Swedish ginger snap biscuits
14.An Anglo Saxon custom that started in the UK and also is know for a particular drink
15.People in Poland like kissing under this
16.Iceland has no native evergreen trees so the first Yule trees were______ (mountain ash)
19.A traditional table decoration in Greece is a loaf of __________
20._______ _______ is the midnight feast that occurs after Christmas Eve mass in the Phillipines
23.____________ _______ is how to say Happy/Merry Christmas in the Fillinpino
24.___________ grow as large as outdoor shrubs in Madagascar and don't just flower at Christmas
27.A tradition that takes place in the provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia where people dress in costumes on knock on doors and then sing and dance
29.Hawaiin for Santa
30.Russian children receive their presents from this frozen man
31.The Nativity scene or _________ is an important Christmas decoration in Argentina
32.Misa de Gallo, also known as _______ _____ are the early masses held before Christmas in the Phillipines
33.In Portugal, a large fire is lit called a _______ and the wood for it is traditionally stollen - it should not bought!
35.El Brindis del Bohemio is a traditional ______ heard on the radio in Puerto Rico
37.Another Japanese gift bringer that is not santa-san (Mr. Santa)
40.In Costa Rica at Christmas, they like to decorate their houses with ________ flowers
41.A traditional holiday food of Puerto Rico made using mashed green bananas and the dough is filled with meat and wrapped in banana leaves
44.Christmas ____________ are a long standing and typically Austrian tradition
45.A dessert of whole shelled walnuts threaded on a string and encased in grape jelly

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