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6 7        
10           11                      
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2.The name of the test that Buddy undergoes to find out his paternity
8.Name the power that is being lost in the city (2 Words)
9.The plural form of elf
10.Name the character in the film that crashes his sleigh
11.What Buddy builds from the shelving unit in the apartment (2 Words)
13.Name the onomatopoeia that Buddy makes when he drinks Coca-Cola
14.The name of Buddy's stepbrother
17.What Buddy drizzles all over his meal at supper
21.The name of the food that Buddy makes for breakfast for the family
23.How Buddy differs from the other elves in the North Pole
24.The area in the city where the boys have a snowball fight (2 Words)
25.Name of the actor playing the lead role in the film (2 Words)
1.The song Buddy's girl is singing in the shower (4 Words)
3.The girl Buddy falls in love with
4.Buddy's natural father (2 Words)
5.Name of the department store where Buddy starts 'working'
6.The colour of the costume that these creatures usually are depicted wearing
7.The name used by Santa to shortlist children/adults who are at risk of not getting Christmas presents (2 Words)
12.The name of Buddy's stepmother
15.Where Buddy's father works, a famous building in the city in the film (2 Words)
16.Where Buddy travels to in the film to find his father (2 Words)
18.Name of the main character's foster father (2 Words)
19.The feather's colour that Buddy wears in his cap
20.Metonym used to describe the city that Buddy travels to (2 Words)
22.Author of the books about Middle Earth who also feature these magical creatures
23.First name of the main character in the film

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