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2           3
5             6      
9             10          
11                 12  
  13 14                

2.Everyone joined in the ____ of their favourite song.
5.The lighting of lamps during Deepavali is to____ good over evil.
7.During racial harmony day, we are encouraged to wear our ____costumes.
9.Relaxing form of holidays on an ocean liner.
10.South American celebration.
11.Giving red packets during Chinese New Year is a long standing _____.
14.The ____ sun gave us sunburn when we were at the beach
15.December holidays overseas gateway location.
1.There are certain cultural ____ to follow during weddings.
3.The king threw a ___for all his guests to celebrate his daughter's wedding.
4.Another word for 'relaxation' or 'regeneration'
6.The cookies baked by my mum are ____.
8.John's mum threw him a ___ party for his birthday.
12.A giant cd back in the day.
13.Couples exchange these during their wedding.

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