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The Ultimate Science Crossword

Ben Minor

Test your science skills in this hardcore science crossword

2                   3         4
5 6                             7
  9 10      
    11     12 13  

2.an irregular pattern of flow
6.the channels in the layer of fat which allow particles to pass through
8.a part of the study of fluid mechanics concerned with how fluids move
15.a part of fluid dynamics concerned with how liquids move
16.the diffusion of water
17.The electric or magnetic force exerted by oppositely charged particles, tending to draw or hold the particles together.
18.has no definite shape, no fixed volume, particles are far apart
1.a smooth shape designed to decreased resistance to fluid flow
3.the study of fluids and how they behave when at rest and when moving
4.a measure of how strongly particles of a fluid attract each other
5.has definite shape, fixed volume, closely packed particles
7.the strong attraction among the particles that form the surface of a liquid
8.Matter that has no fixed shape, free to flow
9.a part of fluid dynamics concerned with how liquids move
10.a smooth pattern of flow
11.the rate in which something flows
12.a measure of how easily a fluid's particles are able to slide past one another
13.has no definite shape, fills shape of container, has fixed volume
14.the movement of particles from a are of higher concentration to lower concentration

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