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Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycles

Allana Pryhitka

Study and introduction into BC Science 10 Chapter 2 non human interference biology.

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1.this is a product of photosynthesis
3.these exchange the largest amount of carbon dioxide
6.too much phosphorus in water causes the bacteria to ________.
10.also known as accumulations or banked material
13.most important element to all life on Earth
14.having to do with soil or the ground
15.the opposite of breathing oxygen plants do
17.how chemicals are reused and renewed
18.this element is mostly in the air. Only lightening and bacteria can break it apart.
21.chemicals needed to make living things grow and stay healthy
22.this process releases stores from rock
23.this chemical is involved in cellular respiration and photosynthesis.
2.also known as bird poop.
4.NH4 +
5.what oxygen breathing animals do
7.volcanoes and rotting plants release this gas too. (2 Words)
8.this group breaks down dead organic matter
9.carbon dioxide is also known as this type of gas.
11.this nutrient can only come from rocks.
12.plants are also known as these
16.this type of bacteria adds oxygen to nitrogen
19."geo" means this
20.this prefix means 1 billion

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