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Antartica Vocabulary

Jason Dyar

1 2
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3.A cold storm with winds of at least 56 kilometres per hour and temperatures below usually also characterized by poor visibility due to snow blowing around
5.The distance below the water level
6.An imaginary line through the centre of the Earth, around which the planet rotates
7.A mass of snow and/or ice detached from where it rested and slipping down a slope
10.The height of an object or area above a particular reference point
12.The formation of an iceberg from a glacier
13.A plant group that compose the majority or all of the phytoplankton in bodies of water
14.An area where there is little moisture due to there being little precipitation is low and evaporation is high
1.A smooth, clear coat of ice
2.A group of acellular microscopic organisms
4.The variety of different characteristics
8.The gases that surround a planet
9.The study of Earth
11.The removal of material from a glacier, melting, evaporation, or calving
13.Very dry

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