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--== It's Christmas ==--

Ivan Jackman

things to do with Christmas!

1 2 3          
  5     6       7
10       11           12  
14 15     16          
18                 19   20      
  21             22    
23         24        

2.a miserable Christmas character (7)
4.you might find ten of them leaping (5)
5.he's big and white and lives outside (7)
8.there are how many days at Christmas (6)
9.you stuff it and cook it (6)
10.character from the Die Hard movie (4-6)
13.famour reindeer (7)
16.you hang them on a tree or outside your house (6)
17.Will Ferrel was one (3)
18.you decorate a tree with them (9)
19.Christmas drink (3-3)
21.you stuff them full of gifts (9)
23.they jingle all the way (5)
24.how many swans are swimming (5)
1.KEVIN! (4-5)
3.you wouldnt want to walk with this sweet version (5-4)
6.Its A type of Life from 1946 (9)
7.three of these types of hens (6)
11.quick kiss under it (9)
12.good day for a sale (6)
14.you would find it in a pear tree (9)
15.famous Mr & Mrs that live at the north pole (6)
20.five of these types of rings (4)
22.wrap them in paper (5)

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