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T"was the Night Before Christmas Break

Chris Ramstorf

Puzzle made using 2nd grade sight words.

1 2
3     4    
5 6       7  
8     9    
10     11    

3.I like _______ sugar or chocolate chip cookies.
6.My ______ is important to me.
8.My friends always ________ at my jokes.
10.I can hardly wait one more _______ until Christmas.
12.This is going to be the best Christmas not the __________.
1.Christmas _________ starts tomorrow.
2.There are _________ a lot of ways people celebrate the holidays.
4.I ______ it was going to be a white Christmas.
5.The reindeer ________ the sleigh.
7.If you ________ closely you can hear the reindeer on your roof.
9.I am going to have a ______ time over break.
11.________ upon a time, is how many stores start.

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