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Accelerated Government

Braiden Bradley/Danny Warner

Government project over the 27 Amendments to the Constitution.

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3.This amendment says that citizens are not required to quarter troops unless prescribed by law
4.Your right to ___ ___ is protected under the second amendment
5.The ______ amendment says that there shall be two senators from each state, elected by popular vote of the people.
9.This amendment prevents Congress from giving themselves a raise within the same term during which this raise was decided.
10.Under this amendment, you have the right to a lawyer. If you can not afford one, it will be provided for you.
12.No president shall serve more than _____ terms under the twenty second amendment.
13.This amendment preserves the right to a jury if the value in controversy exceeds twenty dollars.
14.The twenty sixth amendment states that citizens shall have the right to vote at the age of ______.
17.This amendment gives citizens of Washington, DC the right to vote.
19.“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you.”
21.Congress’ power to tax income is protected under this amendment.
23.This amendment prevents cruel and unusual punishment.
24.Former slaves gained citizenship through this amendment.
26.The twenty fourth amendment abolishes ________ ________.
1.Women’s right to vote is protected under this amendment.
2.The fourth amendment prevents unreasonable ________ ________ ________.
3.This amendment explains the line of presidential succession.
6.This amendment repeals the eighteenth amendment.
7.The thirteenth amendment abolishes ______.
8.The _____ amendment states that just because a right is not explicitly stated in the constitution does not mean that it is not an actual right.
11.This amendment says that the newly elected president shall take office on January 20th.
15.The _______ amendment states that the person who receives the second-most votes in a presidential election shall not be the vice president; a vice president runs with the president as one electable unit.
16.This amendment states that a citizen under the age of 21 may not drink alcoholic beverages.
18.The tenth amendment states that powers not ______ in the constitution are left to the states.
20.Your right to verbally express your dislike of a government policy is protected under this amendment
22.This amendment says that a citizen from one state cannot sue another state.
25.The fifteenth amendment gives the right to ______ to those who may have been slaves before the fourteenth amendment.

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