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Music Terms


Many terms from music, both easy and more difficult.

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1.highest male voice part
6.indicates fingerings rather than pitches
7.a solo section to display technique or virtuosity
9.AB form
10.lowers a pitch by a half step
12.a religious song, usually of praise
18.higher than a tenor; lower than a soprano
19.getting louder
21.a sudden, strong accent
22.a work for a solo instrument
25.short musical pattern repeated throughout a work
28.extremely quickly; as fast as possible
29.the pattern of a piece's rhythm
30.an extended musical composition for orchestra
31.gradually getting faster; a "tightening" of tempo
34.raises a pitch by a half step
35.the different volumes in a piece of music
36.an era that encompassed the music of Bach and Handel
37.broadly and slowly
39.flexible in tempo
41.break in the music
42.highest of the four voice parts
44.lowest male voice type
46.at a walking pace
48.a theme repeated and imitated with a time delay
50.musical symbol to indicate the pitch of written notes
51.the quality or "color" of a musical tone
53.rapid alteration between a note and a neighboring note
54.rapidly repeated note
55.cancel pizzicato; play bowed
2.interval of a perfect eighth
3.a texture of two or more simultaneous melodies
4.a note or rest is to be held at the discretion of the conductor/performer
5.a vocal register above the normal voice
8.increasing the tempo
11.no instrumental accompaniment
13.started with Schoenberg's 12-tone system
14.sliding from one pitch to another
15.most comfortable range of a voice or instrument
16.changing from one key to another
17.lively; fast
18.broken chord
20.disturbing the regular beat or rhythm
23.do not play
24.sixteenth note
26.notes to be played brief and detached
30.a light "joking" musical form
32.a piece written for the night
33.at ease; play slowly
34.a verse of a song
38.piece for one voice, usually with orchestral accompaniment
40.smooth and in a connected manner
43.music that lacks a key
45.a highly complex, contrapuntal form of music
47.cancels a previous accidental
48.a musical ensemble of singers
53.everyone play together

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