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Chess Crossword Quiz - Beginners

Fill out the crossword by complete the questions asked about the basics of Chess.

1 2 3
  4   5        
7       8  

4.These pieces are located next to the King and Queen. They are known as the King and Queen's royal advisors
6.sometimes known as "Horses", these pieces move in an "L" shape position
7.Considered the soldier Chess piece; the front line man
9.which color team always moves first? (Black or White?)
1.The most powerful Chess piece; and the fastest/speediest
2.Sometimes called "Castles" these pieces are located at the far ends of the board
3.this is the term used when someone's King is in a position to be captures and cannot escape
5.How many chess pieces are there to a complete team? (14,15,16 or 17)?
8.The most important Chess piece; and the weakest

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