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Ed. 1 Gyroruzzle


an attempt at a cryptic

As standard the Numerals correspond to letters.

1               2      
3   4     5 6    
8   9   10     11       12            
      14               15            
  17 18 19                
20 21                  
        22 23  
24       25                    
27 28       29             30    
  31 32                  
  33       34   35  
  36     37             38    
39                       40    
        41                     42  
43             44            
    47             48    
  50       51       52
53               54        

1.What the dickens! Feline Addition (6,6) (2 Words)
3.Confirmed quiet information(5)
5.Yuletide come to (3)
10.Letter; write(7)
12.Cornish alterative trade (7)
13.Put increments aside(6)
14.Foxtrot out absolute command(8)
15.Be my baby, duck(7)
16.Sentance that clicks(5)
19.Stranrar potatoe brawl (8)
21.Enjoyed,Finito. Promenade amongst canals(7)
25.Now protected northern produce(11)
26.Minister, to Clarence House(6)
28.Linger unseen(4)
29.Greek street art (8)
32.Kids; Knickerbocker glory(10)
34.Red Red as sweet as(4)
37.Chech greek tobacco in pub(4,5) (2 Words)
39.Games; Slip to hidey hole(7)
40.Said to brummie baps (3)
41.Have a ball incognito(10)
43.And fruit(4)
44.Light Cat buglary in the afternoon(7)
45.Afix to bicycle(9)
47.Parisian underchambre sir! (8)
49.Homebakers cutting glow(7)
50.High wire jump(9)
53.Singularly smote reacceptance(6)
54.Summer animosity around the picnic(5)
55.Wash down and critic favourite (4)
56.Freeze out(4)
2.Humming water fixer(12)
4.Fire Friction(6)
6.Animosity turns to(3)
7.A collective flowering desert(5)and fruit
8.And those you visit(4)
9.Surrounds or the Wind and the rose(6)
11.Mid point,in the holidays(8)
15.Quick to(4)
17.Folk;Come to(6)
18.Christmas bract(8)
20.Burn no anger (5)
22.Gather the wool,Whip the cream(10)
23.Hobbit Hymn Pseudonym (5)
24.Smaug on a good day(4)
27.Come again(7)
30.100 down(9)
31.Valleyman goes with the cheese(8)
33.Pedestrian zebra (9)
35.Ponsey whistle(6)
36.The moment man (6)
37.T'endearment Barmbrack!(9)
38.Surge to stage performence(7)
42.No Bouncing Chicken(6)
46.Awark northern border town(6)
50.Alternative holiday to parisian crypt (5)
51.Blow one's top(4)
52.Haphazard Hiker(5)
53.Homely cave(6)

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