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Danny & Janet

Janet Jongebloed

Our relationship, in a nut shell.

1 2       3  
  4 5  
6     7                 8
9                         10          
    11 12                
      14       15          
16   17 18          
19                   20      
        21               22      
25                       26 27
    29             30  
  31                 32   33
      34                     35       36
    37         38    
  39         40                       41   42      
43                   44              
46     47       48                
49                 50    
54             55     56    
57           58        

2.a puzzle you'd probably rather be playing
7.he who shall be praised
9.glows in the dark (two words)
10.it inspires craziness
12.month we started dating
13.the game I'll never beat you in (two words)
14.what i hung up for Christmas 2012
19."[blank] Hoggers"
21.italian pastery
22.douche point o
23.11779 (two words)
25.if that is her real name
28.i only have one now
29.Americanized Polish word for grandpa
31.where i met your father
34.where we met
35.what we did in the garage
39.a roughly trimmed tree trunk used in a Scottish Highland sport
40.what I'm afraid of in the south
41.50's [blank] Time Café, where we announced our engagement
43.33525 (two words)
44.what game I usually win
46.what belongs to carll, our first address
48.where you asked them for permission
49.and allies
50.something that is goopy
51.the absolute best italian ice
52.what we made my mother on Christmas 2012
54.this wrestler is a douche
55.Philadelphia restaurant, The City [blank]
57.a meadow
58.where I sung Elvis for you
1.what I would do for your gaming nights
3.our future daughter
4.please (4 words)
5.775-acre resort (two words)
6.airline that took us to your sister's home
11.what the two of
15.my bed
16.scottish chef
17.what I do (two words, in italian)
18.if that is his real name (two words)
20.what we did for our second Valentine's Day together
24.my moniker
26.what you plan like
27.a family name
30.the Hall where we had our first date
31.the type chrissy is
32.a polish crepe
33.our future son
36.a troublemaker
37."[blank] Gate"
38.11729 (two words)
42.a precious purple gem
45.a meadow
53.what i hung up for our 1st annniversary
56.a favorite male singer

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