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Twelfth Night

Vicky Bryan

This is a review of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, the manga version, up to p. 193. Enjoy!

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3.Who says, 'That danger shall seem sport, and I will go'?
4.What does Duke Orsino say is the food of love? (the first line of the play)
7.Who does Duke Orsino instruct and Olivia fall in love with?
11.who is the Duke of Illyria
13.What facial feature does Viola say her brother has upon his brow?
15.Who wrote this play?
16.What does Cesario reward Feste with?
1.Who attacks Sebastian?
2.Who does Malvoliio call 'a barren rascal'?
5.Who proposes marriage to Sebastian?
6.How many languages does Sir Toby Belch say that Sir Andrew Aguecheek can speak?
8.an amusing character in the play, who likes alcohol and is related to Olivia
9.Sebastian's twin
10.who starts to wear bright yellow stockings
12.What was the female twin called in Rich's version of this play?
14.the number of years that Olivia vows to mourn the death of her brother

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