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Texas Revolution Review

1 2
4   5 6            
  7       8 9
    10           11            
12       13                    
  15                   16

3.People who are not involved in fighting.(239)
6.Items that a country sells to other nations.(193)
10.Words on the flag the Texans made during the Battle of Gonzales.(227)
12.Leader of the Army at the Battle of the Alamo.
14.A group of soldiers on horseback.(228)
15.People who brought new families to Texas.(173)
17.Commander of the Army of Texas.
1.Items that a country buys from other nations.(193)
2.Father of Texas.
4.Leader of the volunteers at the Battle of the Alamo.
5.Banned U.S. immigration to Texas.(205)
7.Those killed, injured, captured, or missing during war.(239)
8.System of government where power is spread out and shared between national and regional governments.(195)
9.President of Mexico during the Texas Revolution.
11.Volunteer from Tennessee who fought at the Alamo.
13.Foot soldiers.(228)
16.A military blockade of a city or fort.(145)

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