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Tell Me I'm Home: Blue Ticket

Emily Carrington

This puzzle contains questions about the short story "Blue Ticket" which is found in the book "Tell Me I'm Home."

1 2
3   4                      
    5 6     7        
10       11                
15 16   17                  
  21                 22        

4.How much did Will's and Don's Christmas feast cost? (2 Words)
6.Don's rank in the army
8.Will's uncle lives in
10.Don's last name
12.What state does the story take place in? (2 Words)
17.Don's commanding officer's last name is
18.What does Will store in the shed?
19.Don repaired the ____ of Will's shed!
20.Robbie's last name
21.Vinny's last name is!
22.What country did Don serve in?
1.What was Don's "friend's" name?
2.What day does the story start? (2 Words)
3.Don's full first name
5.Don's family-taught skills include
7.Will's nickname for Don
9.What is Will's last name?
11.Will hasn't had sex in _____ years.
13.Another city where the atomic bomb was dropped.
14.One city where the atomic bomb was dropped.
15.Don's nickname for Will (2 Words)
16.Will's previous lover

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