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LDS Sunday School 2013

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50           51         52            

4.When 18 years old, you can share your testimony through this website
6.Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost
7.A speech
9.Choose the Right
10.The leader of a ward
12.members usually focuse on a list of things not to eat or take into our bodies
14.A spiritual personage that allows all people to discern truth of everything
15.A type of potato casserole that is served at many Mormon social functions
17.The authority to use the power of God to serve others
18.The first Prophet of the LDS Church
21.a divine truth communicated to man from God
23.Genuine events we have lived
26.depend & confident on one's own efforts and abilities
29.to give up, refuse, or resign a religious faith
31.God's written word by people in Israel
34.Age of accountability
36.Joseph Smith Jr.'s first vision of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the sacred grove
37.Develop attributes, spirituality and character traits through obedience and humility to be like Jesus
39.an important rule given by God that tells people how to behave
42.others notice our choices
44.when an individual has strong personal belief or faith, regardless of whether it is currently being expressed to others
47.A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
48.a formal and serious agreement or promise made to God
50.The name for a group of Priesthood holders
51.one-tenth of ones income given to the Church
52.the president of the church who delivers messages from God or divinely inspired revelations
1.God's written word by people in America
2.A list of statements that represent the basic beliefs of the LDS faith
3.bringing back to a former position or condition to the original form
5.a group of people who are related to each other
8.The benches that one sits on when in the chapel
11.Life before this earth life
13.a person sharing the gospel
16.Monday nights are set apart in LDS homes as family time; which usually consists of a spiritual lesson, an activity and a dessert
19.A Temple ordinance in which 2 people or a family is bound together for eternity
20.The Savior of the world; the only perfect person to live on Earth
22.God & Creator of us, our world and universe
24.Four different books that make up the official scriptural basis of the LDS church
25.D&C 121:34-36
27.a sacred union & promise between a man & a woman, a special relationship between husband & wife.
28.Slow of speech, led the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt
30.Ordained by Christ, blessing, eating & drinking the bread & water symbolic of renewing promises we made during baptism
32.a law, regulation, decree or commandment given to man, decreed by God
33.You've done something wrong
35.A sacred building in which sacred rites and rituals are performed
38.Any life experience that is difficult to live through
40.often confused by nonmembers as a place to eat beef
41.A period of time that an individual completely devotes his- or herself to service and teaching others about the Church and its teachings
43.A member of the Church (1840s - 1880s) who traveled West across the United States via a horse, wagon, and/or handcart to avoid religious persecution
45.Sacrificed Himself giving us resurrected bodies & door to eternal life
46.The stand that people speak over in the chapel
49.Hold to the _____

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