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Chapter 8 Settling the West

Dr. Reimer

These Key Terms and names will be found in Chapter 8, The American Republic.

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4.The Breaking up of reservations into individual plots of land to be worked by Native American Families.
7.Pejorative name given to Great Plains Farmers.
8.Vast area of open grasslands owned by the Government. (2 Words)
9.A vast Grassland that stretched from the Rocky Mountains to the 100th Meridian. (2 Words)
12.Self Appointed law Enforcement agents. (2 Words)
14.Money paid by contract on regular intervals.
16.Method of Extracting mineral ore by hand using simple tools like picks, shovels, and pans. (2 Words)
20.Invention that allowed vast areas of land to be fenced cheaply. (2 Words)
21.Lt. Col. and Commander of the US 7th Cavalry, Attacked and massacred on July 4th, 1876. (3 Words)
23.Government program passed in 1862 that led to the settling of the Great Plains. (2 Words)
24.Chief of the Dakota, that led a revolt in the area known as the Dakotas. (2 Words)
25.Ritual used by the Lakota Sioux to celebrate a hoped-for day of reckoning. (2 Words)
26.an unbranded calf.
1.Individual or group that has no permanent home, but follows their source of food.
2.US Army Major, who, after exploring the Great Plains declared it, "almost wholly unfit for cultivation." (2 Words)
3.Group that was formed by Congress to solve the "Indian Problem." (3 Words)
5.Trail on which herds of cattle were driven to Rail-heads in Dodged City, Kansas, and Sedalia, Missouri (2 Words)
6.Method of extracting minerals involving digging beneath the surface of the Earth. (2 Words)
10.Process believed by many, and mandated by Congress, to make Native Americans into White People.
11.Cattle Trail that ran from Fort Worth, Texas to Abilene, Kansas. (2 Words)
13.Large farms up to 50,000 Acres. (2 Words)
15.Prospector responsible for the discovery of a rich Silver deposit near Virginia City, Nevada. (2 Words)
17.Area that went from the Eastern Edge of the Great Plains, from the Dakotasto Kansas and NEbrasks. (2 Words)
18.means of farming that was popularized on the Great Plains. (2 Words)
19.Tract of public land, which for a $10 fee, could be claimed and settled.
22.Congressional Act that created the allotment program for use on reservations. (2 Words)

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