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Chapter 9 Industrialization

Dr. Reimer

Guess What?--This goes with Chapter 9!

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6.Costs that occur when a business is operating. (2 Words)
7.An organization of workers with the same tradeor skill. (2 Words)
9.The reduction inthe cost of a good brought about especially by increased production at a given facility. (3 Words)
12.The combining of companies that supply equipment and services needed for a particular industry. (2 Words)
13.Total economic output of a country over one calendar year (3 Words)
17.A decline in the volume of available money or credit that results in lower prices, and , therefore, increases the buying power of money.
18.A person who owns a piece of a corporation, a stock.
20.Standardized means of setting time across the US setup by the Railroads. (2 Words)
23.Man who invented the telephone in 1876. (3 Words)
24.Steamboat Entrepreneur who went into the Railroad business. (2 Words)
25.Theory of Socialism in which a class struggle would exist until workers were victorious.
28.Managing Engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad. (2 Words)
30.Method of producing Steel that greatly reduced the cost of production and price. (2 Words)
32.American Entrepreneur, one of the great magnates of the Steel Industry. (2 Words)
34.Business model where company is owned by stock holders.
35.One of the original "Big Four" f the Central Pacific Railroad. (2 Words)
36.Robber Baron known for insider trading. (2 Words)
37.High Tariff passed by the Republican Controlled Congress. (2 Words)
38.Total control of a type of industry by one person or one company
39.A process where an impartial third party helps a company and union come to an agreement.
1.A group sharing on some activity, i.e., railroad companies that set prices for freight.
2.The combining of competing firms into one corporation (2 Words)
3.Tool used by companies to break Unions, not allowing people access to their facilities to work.
4.An individual piece of a corporation, sold to raise money.
5.A list of the names of people considered to be troublemakers by business owners and managers.
8.Man who drilled the First Oil Well In Titusville PA, in 1859 (2 Words)
10.Company that only hires people that belong to a Union. (2 Words)
11.The first Nationwide Industrial Union. (3 Words)
14.Business scandal that involved politicians and railroad companies. (2 Words)
15.A combination of firms or corporations formed by a legal agreement, especially to reduce competition.
16.The Wizard of Menlo Park, New Jersey. (3 Words)
19.Political philosophy that says government should not involve itself in business affairs.
21.Individual that starts companies.
22.Act passed in 1862 that was responsible for the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. (3 Words)
26.An organization of common laborers and craft workers in a particular industry. (2 Words)
27.A company whose primary business is owning a controlling share of stock in other companies. (2 Words)
29.Builder and operator of the Great Northern Railroad, built with no government assistance whatsoever. (3 Words)
31.Costs a company must must pay regardless of whether or not it is operating. (2 Words)
33.Sections of land given to the Railroads, so they could raise money (2 Words)

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