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Chapter 10--Urban America

Dr. Reimer

This goes with--yea! Chapter 10!

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1.Dark crowded multi-family apartments.
6.Buildings that were seen as being unusually high, the first was the Home Insurance building in Chicago, Il.
7.Immigration isolation barracks off the coast of California. (2 Words)
9.Port of embarkation in New York City Harbor. (2 Words)
14.Music with a Syncopated Rhythm.
16.Inexpensive Travel accommodation on Ocean Liners.
17.Law banning Chinese immigration for a period of 10 years, in 1882. (3 Words)
19.Journalist who wrote of the plight of the Urban Immigrant Poor, in "How the Other Half Lives" (2 Words)
20.Causing someone to acquire American traits and characteristics.
22.Philosophy that human society was affected by Darwin's Theory of Evolution. (2 Words)
24.Providing money to support humanitarian or social goals.
25.Institution located in a poor neighborhood that provided community services. (2 Words)
26.Founder of Hull House, a Settlement House in Chicago. (2 Words)
2.Philosophy and approach in art and literature based on the belief that nature can best be understood through scientific observation.
3.Variety acts put on live in Theaters, inexpensive entertainment for the masses.
4.Period from 1890-1910 in the US. (2 Words)
5.Author of Progress and Poverty. (2 Words)
8.Author of Looking Backward 2000-1887. (2 Words)
10.Teacher of Architects that influenced the growth of skyscrapers. (2 Words)
11.Organization concerned with staying in office and holding onto power. (2 Words)
12.Party Boss in charge of Tammany Hall in New York. (4 Words)
13.Idea that wealthy Americans should engage in Philanthropy. (3 Words)
15.Author of Dynamic Sociology. (3 Words)
18.Person who runs the Political machine. (2 Words)
21.Movement that had Americans working to halt or reduce immigration.
22.Composer of the Maple-Leaf Rag. (2 Words)
23.The idea of portraying people in art as they really were.

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