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Chapter 11 Politics and Reform

Dr. Reimer


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2.Tax based on individuals net income, with different tax rates for different incomes. (3 Words)
4.Tax levied, and had to be paid in order to exercise your right to vote. (2 Words)
5.Piece of US Currency first issued during the US Civil War.
7.Individual that believed that the US should retain the Gold Standard and "Hard Currency."
10.An exception that allowed people to register to vote, if their grandfather had voted. (2 Words)
11.Farmer who works land for an owner who provides equipment and seed, and receives a share of the crop as payment.
13.Farmers and Democrats that broke with their party to form a Populist Party. (2 Words)
15.Laws passed to impose segregation in the American South and North. (3 Words)
18.Marketing organization that worked for the benefit of its members.
19.Another name for the Patrons of Husbandry.
20.Increase int he volume of available money, which results in higher prices, and the lowering of buying power.
21.First African-American to earn a PhD at Harvard University (5 Words)
22.Person who supported the plan of free coinage of silver.
23.African-American woman from Tennessee who launched a campaign against lynching. (3 Words)
24.Presidential Candidate in 1896, 1900, and 1900, never won. (3 Words)
1.First federal law designed to regulate interstate commerce. (3 Words)
3.Political Movement founded ithe 1890's, made up of mostly farmers who wanted free coinage of Silver, and government control of the Railroads.
6.Separation of people based on race.
8.The Act of rewarding party loyalty with a job or contract.
9.Law signed by President Chester A. Arthur that created the first Federal Civil Service. (2 Words)
12.An illegal execution.
14.Partial refund to lower the rate of a good or commodity.
16.People who were seen as loyal to the Republican Party.
17.Decline in the volume of available money, resulting in lower prices, and increased buying power.

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