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Chapter Six

Eryn Swineford`

3   4                    
9                 10                          
13                                 14 15
16   17                          

3.This political party feared urban mobs advanced industrial economy because of the rise of property-less workers. Led by Thomas Jefferson
5.This decided slaves would be counted as 3/5 of a person for representation and taxation
6.The pseudonym under which many Federalists wrote under, including John Jay and James Madison
8.The treaty in which Spain recognized the rights of Americans to navigate the Mississippi River to it's mouth and deposit goods at New Orleans
9.John Marshall and Elbrige Gerry went to negotiate with France. They were told only if they paid bribes would they begin to settle the conflict, in America this incident was referred to as the ___ ______
10.This group of people believed that the constitution would betray the principals of the revolution and favor the well born/establish a tyrannical goverment
11.This bill caused one of the most heated debates because many said that since this right wasn't written in the constitution they had no right to do so
12.This act creates a 6 member supreme court, 13 district courts, and 3 courts of appeal
13.This method made sure one branch of government didn't have too much power, preventing an oppressive goverment
17.Proposed a new national government with legislature, judiciary, and executive
18.If ______ were counted in population many states feared they would be taxed more
20.He was chosen as President Officer of the convention
22.He was the voice of reason and helped end the arguing in the committee.
23."The First Party System"
24.The very important thing that the Constitution lacked was a ____ ___ ______
25.This treaty saved the United States from war, made peace with Great Britain while also establishing a commercial relationship.
1.This French representative violated the Neutrality Act and tried to recruit Americans.
2.This man created the Virginia Plan and helped resolve the conflict of limiting power
4.He demanded a loan from France and a bribe for French officials before any negotiations with America would begin.
7.Divided power between state and nation
14.Benjamin Franklin was the chairman of this committee whose purpose was to solve arguments
15.The Vice President to George Washington
16.This political party wanted a strong national goverment
19.This Federalist man's bill for a national bank was passed (Last name only)
21.The United States lacked a good ______ government, and the states had more power

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