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2.(verb) to speak in a loud voice
4.(noun) the image made by an obscured space on a surface that cuts across it usually representing in silhouette the form of the interposed body.
5.(noun) any particular natural or prepared usually agreeable liquid for swallowing : beverage, potable, brew.
10.(adverb) in a secondary or inferior position.
12.(adjective) experiencing pleasure or delight : happy.
13.(noun) conduct in violation of the law.
14.(noun) the period set apart to settle for sleeping.
15.(noun) an honor or reward striven for in a competitive contest.
1.(noun) a practitioner of medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine
3.(noun) a side of a pig after removal of spareribs and after being cured dry or in pickle and smoked
4.(noun) any of numerous fishes that are usually of medium or large size including the largest existing fishes, that may be active, voracious, and rapacious predators or sluggish bottom dwellers feeding chiefly on mollusks.
6.(noun) a usually portable structure for use in climbing up or down that consists commonly of two parallel sidepieces joined at short intervals by a series of crosspieces that serve as rests for the feet.
7.(noun) any favorite pursuit or interest.
8.(noun) a feeling of positive aversion (as to something unpleasant, uncongenial, or offensive) : displeasure
9.(verb) conferred the ownership of without receiving a return : made a present of.
11.(noun) any of a small group of tall wading birds resembling the herons but more closely related to the rails

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