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Where We've Been, Where We're Headed

1             2 3 4
  6 7 8      
10                       11 12                 13
14                           15                  
16       17               18 19            
  21 22         23   24              
      25                             26
27                         28        
    30 31 32       33                   34 35          
          36 37 38                
  40                       41                 42      
      43                       44     45  
46                     47    
  50                 51                  
    53               54                
55           56              

1.Monotheistic religion based on the Torah
5.He began France's Reign of Terror during Revolutionary times.
9.The movement of goods, diseases and food between the Old and New worlds.
10.Monk who wanted to reform the Catholic Church, instead started the Reformation
12.Country where Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge committed some of the worst atrocities known to man.
14.The Magionot Line were massive _________ built by the French in the 1930's to keep the Germans out.
15.Middle Eastern area where the British Balfour Declaration in 1917 supported a Jewish homeland.
17.Japanese city where first atomic bomb was dropped in 1945.
19.The island where 1 million starved, some say because the British believed it to be divinely sanctioned.
24.Bangladesh was formerly "Eastern __________"
25.The Good Friday Agreement ended violent conflict between Protestants and Catholics in this country in 1998.
27.Country to the north of the Demilitarized zone, separating it from South Korea
28.The largely peaceful and friendly indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, whom Columbus conquered.
29.He said the ends justify the means and to fear your leader.
32.Southern tip of Africa; a misnomer
34.Its king colonized inner Africa, including parts of Rwanda
38.If you were a Christian in the Western World prior to 1516, you were most likely this.
40.The belief that your country is better than another; requires ultimate loyalty to the state
41.British liner torpedoed by a German submarine in May, 1915; big reason USA gets involved in WWI.
42.The common currency used by some member states of the European Union
44.Predominate religion in the Middle East, based on Koran
46.Having to do with worldly, rather than religious, maters; non-religious.
48.The domination of one country by another country
50.Unified by Otto von Bismarck through Nationalism, "blood and iron"
51.Unable to read or write
52.Large empire conquered by Hernan Cortes in the middle of Mexico
53.The right to vote
54.Capital of Israel; sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians
55.This US President outlined the Fourteen Points to resolve World War I and future wars in 1918.
56.This Philosophe promulgated freedom of speech and was anti-slavery.
1.Third US President who stood for small government, loved him some Johnny Locke
2.Magellan's crew was the first to do this.
3.Where the Islamic Revolution of 1979 overthrew the US-backed Shah and where the Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed an Islamic Republic.
4.The deliberate killing of a mass number of people, usually those a part of an ethnic group or nation.
6.Foe of the United States during the Cold War
7.This caused 1,000 years of human regression in the Western world.
8.Fighting carried on through hit-and-run raids, usually by surprise; loosely organized
11.The Duma is this country's national legislature
13.Where the Industrial Revolution began
16.Karl Marx came up with it, focuses on class struggle
18.Policy used to placate Hitler throughout the 1930's; giving in to an aggressor's demands to keep the peace.
20.The Battle of Dienbienphu ended this European country's rule in Vietnam in 1954.
21.Country where the policy of apartheid implemented rigid segregation of non-white people until 1993.
22.This British philosopher believed in life, liberty, and the right to property.
23.What the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 tried to stop
26.Napoleon's birth place
30.The process of taking over and consolidating land formerly shared by peasant farmers; helped begin IR
31.Spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing cause
32.Monotheistic religion based on the Bible
33.Due to nationalism, it struggled to remain united. The original "Sick Man of Europe."
35.Outbreak of rapidly spreading disease; the Spanish Flu was one in 1918.
36.The Middle Class
37.Country where the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960's purged non-revolutionaries.
39.Any centralized, authoritarian government system that is not communist whose policies glorify the state over the individual and are destructive to human rights.
45.Group of countries led by Germany, Italy, and Japan during World War II.
47.He orchestrated Soviet policies of "glasnost" and "perestroika" to transition the USSR out of communism in the 1980's.
48.Palestinian Arab uprising against the Israeli occupation
49.System of forced labor camps in the Soviet Union
50.Separate section of a city where members of a minority group are forced to live.

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