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Infection Control

J Oesterling

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5.At least a ______ size amount of foam decontaminate is needed to effectively clean your hands
6.Visibly contaminated objects are placed in this
8.Always cover your nose and mouth with your _____ whne sneezing or coughing
10.__________ can easily be spread from person to person without proper precautions.
13.alcohol based decontamination is_____ effective in reducing multi-drug resistant pathogens than washing with soap and water
15.When disposing of a needle or other sharp object, ______ recap it,.
16.______ precautions are used for suspected TB.
17.______ precautions are used for influenza
18.You should use _____ ______ when doin gall patient care.
21.___-______ is needed for adequate respiratory mask protection against airborne pathogens (TB)
22.A person should wash their hands with soap and water for a minimumm of ______ seconds
23._____ water should be used for hand washing
24._____ is the most effective measure to prevent the spread of infection..
1.Walkers, wheelchairs, blood glucose monitors and other equipment should _______ be cleaned after each use.
2.Wash the entire surface of your hands, paying special attention to ______ areas.
3._______ _______ may enter your system through open cuts, skin abrasions, and/or mucous membranes
4._____ care is an important intervention in daily care.
5.disease causing microorganism
7.hand __________ is appropriate for most routine clinical situations
9.A patients TV ______ is a common souce of contamination.
11.C-Diff ______ are known to survive at least 90 days in the environment
12.Can easily be spread from person to person, without proper precautions.
14._______ infections are hospital acquired, commonly caused by staff.
19.________ infections are hospital acquired and commonly caused by staff.
20.______ precautions is used when perfomring any patient care

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