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Pers Fin Electronic Banking Vocabulary

Susan Smith

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7   8                                  

6.Website uses safeguards to protect data from theft during electronic transmission (2 Words)
7.A 9-digit number used by the U.S. Social Security Administration to track your earnings. The number can also be used to access your bank, credit, and other personal accounts (3 Words)
1.Deceitful conduct to manipulate a person for some sort of gain (1 word)
2.Companies collect personal data through your visits to websites, then use the data to predict your future purchases (2 Words)
3.Part of a system to conduct financial transactions with a computer vs. checks or cash (3 Words)
4.Illegal use of another person's personal information (credit cards, bank, investment account number, SSN, etc.) to commit theft or fraud (2 Words)
5.Small files stored on a computer which enable a website to "remember" data about visitors (1 word)
8.A machine that captures a person's unique card number from the magnetic strip on back of the card (2 Words)

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