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PF Obj. 6.02 Transportation Vocabulary

Susan Smith

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2.Made overseas
7.At the end of the lease, an alternative to turning in the vehicle by buying it instead. (3 Words)
11.Vehicle's ability to accelerate for speed; also called horsepower
12.Line of vehicles made by a certain company (ex: mustang, F150 truck, Sebring)
13.Worth of a leased vehicle at end of lease (2 Words)
14.Monthly payments in exchange for exclusive use of a vehicle for a period of time
15.Type of fuel used and the number of miles one is able to go on one gallon (2 Words)
20.Dealerships with huge inventories of new and used vehicles
21.Length of a lease (usually 24, 36, or 48 months) (2 Words)
22.Public modes of transportation in cities: bus, subway, trolley (2 Words)
23.Dealer's initial asking price found on the info sheet glued on the vehicle's side window (2 Words)
24.Payment similar to a down payment that results in lower monthly payments (3 Words)
1.Base price + price of options installed by manufacturer + shipping charge from factory to dealer (4 Words)
3.Features available at extra cost or special prices
4.Describes any repairs or replacements done on a used car (2 Words)
5.group of people who share rides to work
6.Drop in value
8.Vehicle's price with only standard equipment, no options package (2 Words)
9.Costs when signing a lease: deposit, taxes, registration fees (3 Words)
10.Made in the USA
16.Vehicle brand; manufacturer
17.Price a dealer pays a manufacturer for a new vehicle (2 Words)
18.Vehicle's ability to handle, brake, and accelerate on the road
19.Loan to be repaid in equal payments (2 Words)

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