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Danish food and drink


2   3
4     5       6            
      7         8   9      
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19   20        

4.A popular snack in the cinema
6.A raw, marinated fish
7.A very special cheese
10.A popular drink from the USA
14.From Italy we eat...
16.What Danes like to eat with meat
17.For breakfast: "Jam and ....."
19.A modern dish from Japan
1.Young people like to eat...
2.Danish adults drink a lot of ...... during the day
3.This is good for you
5.A popular vegetable
8.At midnight "New Year's Eve" we drink...
9.A popular eat in the morning
11.The Danish word for "meatballs"
12.The Danish word for "food"
13.A popular fruit
15.A "cake" named after us
18.For Christmas a lot of Danes eat...
20.Nice to eat at winter

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